Attn: Ron Roller

I want to thank my mentors Jim Solomon and Ron Roller for all their help and patience.  When I was in the process of purchasing a trucking company, I didn’t know how to approach a bank about financing my business.  So my Mom started doing research for me on the internet and calling the Tulsa Public Library about what I needed to do to make my goals reality.  The person at the library told my mom about Tulsa SCORE and gave her the phone number.  The next day, I called SCORE and made an appointment with Jim Solomon.  We got together later that week and made a plan on how to proceed.  I went to a couple of workshops that were put on by Score.  I learned a lot of valuable information.  SCORE has a lot of useful information, samples, and forms for your use on their website.  I worked for a construction company as the Controller, I know a lot about accounting.  But I did not know where to begin putting numbers together from scratch.  With help from previous owner and Tulsa Score website, I put together all my projections along with a business plan.  Jim Solomon reviewed all the documents I put together and made a couple of suggestions to make my business plan perfect.  I met with my banker and gave him everything I had put together.  Six months later, I was a new business owner.  When I wanted to become a woman-owned business, I called and ask how I go about getting certified, they were very helpful and getting me in touch with an organization that helped me get certified.

Ron called me last year about putting a video together for my company.  It is in the process of being completed.  I can’t wait to see it.

I would recommend Tulsa SCORE to everyone, their mentors are the best in their field and can help you with your goals.

Thank you,

Karen Douglas

KD Truck Lines, LLC




How SCORE helped. 

"They're very, very helpful. They have tons of resources. We went to a couple seminars. We went home and we wrote a business plan. There are plenty of resources out there for anybody that wants to start their own business, you just have to know where to go, but the first stop would be SCORE for me."

K.D. Truck Lines